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Worcester County is the state’s largest and most productive agriculture area boasting nearly 1,000 independent farms and producers with nearly 100,000 acres in production. Central Massachusetts’ farms include pick your own apples to commercial fruit farms, pumpkin patches, independent livestock operations and organic vegetable producers. Central Mass truly boasts a bounty of locally grown foods and sustainably raised meats. From the bottom of the Blackstone Valley to the township of Berlin, the richness of Central Mass agriculture is there for the picking, so to speak. The region’s agricultural vitality is evidenced in the dozens of Farmers Markets and Farm to Table events around Central Mass. But how can you make the richness of the region a part of your everyday meals? It’s easier than you think. The Food4All platform helps to connect consumers with local farmers and food producers, removing barriers like distance and timing. 

At Food4All, we build bridges between local, independent growers, family farmers and niche producers with local consumers. Food4All works with these producers through established CSAs, local farmer’s markets, and coops. Our platform empowers consumers to make smarter, healthier choices with their dollars. By working with Food4All you  support independent, local producers while cutting down on the waste from the industrial food system while putting more dollars back into the hands of producers. That’s good business for your community. 

Thanks to Food4All it’s never been easier to connect with local growers and producers in Central Massachusetts

Rural Massachusetts Barn and Pumpkin Patch
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