About us

The Food4All Commitment

Inspired by our own challenges accessing local sustainably grown foods, Food4All was founded in 2015 with a commitment to connecting all who are thoughtful about food directly with producers. Our ecommerce platform enables small to mid-scale food producers and farmers markets to transact online and in person with consumers and wholesale buyers.

We make it easy to discover and engage with farmers and makers, so more people experience the richness and variety of fresh food and the benefits of a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant lifestyle.

Our Values

At Food4All, our core values are innovation, experience, partnership, and service. We create solutions that ensure viability of small to mid-scale producers. The experience that we deliver is highly personal and engaging. We make the highly complex, highly human, and usable for consumers and producers.

Our technology is intuitive, simple, efficient, friendly, approachable, and clean. We are collaborative, open and always looking for the win/win/win. We recognize that we only succeed if producers are successful AND buyers are delighted. We are dedicated to continuous service. We respond quickly and truly hear the needs of our customers.

Food4All small farm producing farmer and family