Connect with Massachusetts Local Food Producers

From Boston to the Berkshires, Massachusetts is a model of family-operated, sustainable agriculture. The Bay State has more to offer than just lobster. It leads the nation in direct farm sales, one of the key measures of community supported agriculture health and viability. It has one of the nation’s highest percentage of small and family owned farms and leads the nation in the share of female-operated farms. 

So how can consumers connect with this bounty of free-range meat, sustainable seafood, local produce and fruit? We’re here to help. 

Food4All offers a platform for conscientious consumers to connect with Massachusetts’ independent farmers through CSAs, Farmer’s markets and other cooperative platforms. Let us help you plan your next sustainably sourced meal. 

We make it easy to support Massachusetts small and independent farmers through a network of producer controlled farmers markets, CSA’s and co-ops.  Use our interactive map and search features to discover where Food4All  is actively connecting farmers and families. 

Boston Farmers Market

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