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Wild Greens Mix
Smokebrush Farm
Manitou Springs, Colorado


Beef N Bacon Box
Pioneer Ranch
Tumalo, Oregon


Organic Veggie Surprise Box
Okinawa Farm
Okinawa, Japan


Farmers Market Forager
Backstage Organics
San Francisco, California

Buying local builds thriving, sustainable communities.

Invest in your community

For every dollar spent on local food, $0.76 stays in the community. Comparatively, each dollar spent on food from outside your region results in only $0.28 remaining in the local economy.  Learn more about the economics of local food.

Give the earth a break

Reduce the carbon footprint of your food by buying directly from local producers.  Buying direct means food travels less miles to arrive on your plate, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

Support your hardworking neighbor

When you buy through Food4All, food producers receive money directly from you.  Because of this direct connection, local producers achieve a higher rate of profitability allowing their operations to thrive.