Privacy Policy and Terms of Use



Food4All is a transaction based platform that allows Sellers to initiate accounts, add products and sell those products through the Seller’s own branded shopping page hosted on Food4All and through a mobile Point of Sale.


Seller:  One who sets up a Selling account, adds products and intends to sell those products to local buyers.

Buyer:  One who purchases products directly from Food4All Sellers through the Food4All platform.

Delivery:  One who has a relationship with a Food4All Seller, sets up a Food4All Delivery account, and intends on delivering Seller(s) products directly to buyers.

Privacy Policy

As a Food4All Seller or a Buyer, Food4All does not sell or provide your account information to any third party outside of those involved in buying, selling or delivering products purchased through the Food4All platform.

As a Buyer, when a transaction is conducted on the Food4All platform, we provide your phone number and e-mail address to the Seller from whom you purchased goods.  We do this to enable the seller to complete your order.  If your product is being delivered, we provide your delivery address, e-mail address and phone number to both the Seller and the Delivery service to facilitate the delivery of your order.

As a Seller, you will be required to enter sensitive information such as social security number or business EIN number through the Food4All interface.  That information is then securely passed to Stripe in order to set up your Stripe account and validate your business. Food4All does not store this sensitive information or use it in any other way than as stated here.  Read more about Stripe’s privacy policy and security protocols here.

As a Buyer, you have the option of saving your credit card details within your Food4All account.  When you save your credit card details, those details are stored on Stripe’s servers.  Food4All does not store your credit card details.  Read more about Stripe’s privacy policy and security protocols here.

Terms of Use

When a Food4All Selling account is created, you agree as a Seller that you are informed of all federal, state and local regulations for selling food direct, and you comply with those regulations.  If any state or local taxes are due, you agree to track, report and pay those taxes.

As a Food4All Seller, you agree to accurately represent the products you are selling, as well as the methods used (organic, biodynamic, etc.) to produce those products.

As a Food4All Seller, you agree the products that you list as available for purchase within the availability dates stated are truly available within the stated timeframes.  However, in farming, we understand that events outside of your direct control, such as weather or crop failure, are possible.  You agree to work in good faith with timely communication to fulfill each order to the best of your ability to meet the needs of the customer.  If you are unable to fulfill the order, you will promptly refund the customer’s payment associated with the order.

As a Food4All Buyer, you agree to pick up the goods ordered at the location and time indicated in your order.  Once an order is complete, you will receive an email receipt confirming your pick up time and location along with the Seller’s contact information.

As a Buyer, you agree to notify the seller if you are unable to pick up your products at the agreed upon time.  It is then under the Seller’s discretion to determine the best course of action to re-schedule a pick up.  For items such as CSA’s, if a buyer is unable to pick up the CSA, the seller is not obligated to “make up” or provide more product on the next scheduled pick up date.

As a Buyer, you understand that in farming there are events outside of the direct control of the farmer, such as weather or crop failure.  You agree to work in good faith with the Seller in the event the Seller is unable to directly fulfill your order with the products requested.  You have the right to request a refund if the order is not filled to your satisfaction.

Food4All has the ability to terminate access or accounts at our sole discretion.  Food4All has the ability to enforce the rules and guidelines stated above.  If a user believes these guidelines have been breached, please notify

Any Food4All account holder may request their entire account be deleted by e-mailing