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From New Bedford to Hanover, southeast Massachusetts is a hotbed of farm-to-table economies. You’ll find more than half a dozen farmers markets in the New Bedford and Fairhaven area. The abundance shouldn’t be a surprise considering that together farmers in Plymouth and Bristol counties account for more than 20 percent of the state’s agricultural output.  Even so, connecting with fresh local food can be a challenge for busy families and others who are used to the convenience of supermarket shopping. Whether you’re living in Hanover or Taunton, Plymouth or Pembroke in the south metro suburbs or on the coast, there’s an easier way to connect with farms and producers in Plymouth and Bristol counties. Food4All allows you to shop not just products but entire farms from the convenience of your home or wherever you happen to be.  

At Food4All, we connect you with  local, independent growers, family farmers and niche producers. Food4All works with producers through established CSAs, local farmer’s markets, and coops. Our platform empowers you to make smarter, healthier choices with your dollars. By working with Food4All you support independent, local producers while reducing your dependence on the industrial food system while putting more dollars back into the hands of producers. That’s good business for southeast Massachusetts. 

Thanks to Food4All it’s never been easier to connect with local growers and producers in your backyard.

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