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A Friendly Online Farmers Marketplace Solution

They may not be the biggest farmers market around, but the Marshfield Farmers Market in Massachusetts has always been known as the “friendly” market, for vendors and customers alike. So, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the 15-year-old Marshfield market went to an online marketplace to serve the community and help the vendors survive when all other markets closed. And they needed farmers market software that was as friendly and easy-going as they were.

After struggling with confusing programs with poor customer support, no options for SNAP customers and hidden costs, the Marshfield Farmers Market switched to Food4All’s online marketplace solution developed specifically to support online farmers markets, food hubs and cooperatives.

“Food4All has a very friendly approach, which fits in with us because we’re actually known as a friendly market,” says Lorrie Dahlen, Marshfield market manager. Now instead of making multiple online orders, customers make just one order, and pay once, for the whole marketplace and all the vendors participating.

The Results

> A 50% to 75%-time savings for market management.
> Happy vendors. They applauded the switch!
> Time saving single check out resulting in pleased customers.
> Incredibly responsive customer service.

Read the full Marshfield Farmers Market Case Study.