Marketplace Manager Resource Guide

Welcome Marketplace managers.  Use this guide to setup your Marketplace Account.  Contact us at with any questions.

Account Settings - Setting up your account


Log into your account, select Market Manager>My Account. Select Account Settings.

  • Primary Address: Enter the address where checks will be sent if you elect to accept payments by check.
  • About Us:  Briefly describe your organization. Shoppers will see this when they enter through
  • Account Images:  Upload your logo you would like associated with your account. This logo image will be displayed when a shopper clicks on your website link. It will also be displayed when a shopper enters through  Tip:  The ideal header image is 320 x 320 pixels.
  • Market Fee: This is where you will set the terms of your marketplace. As a market manager you can take a certain percentage of sales in order to fund administrative costs (akin to a vendor fee). You can set this fee to 0% if you do not wish to take a percentage. This percentage of sales will be deposited into your bank account on a weekly basis. You may customize the market fee on a vendor by vendor basis under Market Manager>My Sellers.


Find the link to your shopping pages, manage you online store open and close schedule, add additional payment methods and more through this setting.

  • Enable Link to Shopping page: This needs to be selected to allow shoppers to buy products through your online store. Below we provide you with a direct link that you can copy and paste into a Shop Now button on your website, social media page or e-mail newsletter to link buyers directly to your online store.
  • Online Store:  Your consumer online store is accessible to buyers through the zip code search on, and anywhere you place the link, such as on your website, social media page and/or sending it through an email newsletter.  Anyone can purchase from your consumer shopping page.
  • This feature will provide you with a line of code that you can embed in your website, Facebook page, or send out in an e-mail.  This will link shoppers to your items within Food4All.  Give your widget a name, such as “My Market”  Then select the code in between the “ “.  This is your link.
  • Use your embedded widget code to add a free Shop Now button that you can use on your website.  Click here to download your free Shop Now buttons.

Additional consumer payment options:  In addition to credit card, decide what payment methods you would like to present to the buyers.

    • Allow check payment (optional setting) presents a “Pay by check” button at check out allowing a buyer to indicate they will pay for the order with a check.
    • Allow pay in person payment (optional setting) presents a “Pay in Person” button at check out allowing a buyer to indicate they will pay for the order with cash, voucher or gift card.
    • Allow SNAP/EBT onsite payment (optional setting) presents a “Pay by SNAP/EBT onsite” button at check out allowing a buyer to indicate they will pay for the order with SNAP/EBT benefits when they pick up their goods.
  • Message to shoppers: Communicate timely information to your shoppers. This text will appear on your shopping page.
  • Allowable order window: This setting will allow you to limit how far into the future your customers can select a pick up or delivery date.
  • Open and close store schedule:  Open and close your online store for a period of time or on a weekly recurring basis.  Select your open and/or close dates.  Enter a custom message that will be displayed when your store is closed.

Click to see a video for setting up your online store settings


Food4All uses Stripe to process payments.  You can read more about Stripe’s highest level of security protocols.  Food4All does not store any of your confidential banking information.

  • Enter your information as it appears on your organizations’ bank statement.  If you are running a market outside of an official organization, and the bank account is associated with your Social Security Number, then enter your name as the business name.  Stripe will verify your identity and bank account within 24-48 hours.  Food4All does not store any personal banking information.
  • Payment Schedule:  Payments are made into bank accounts on a weekly basis.  Weekly payouts contain payments processed two business days prior (this is how long it takes for your pending account balance to become available on this schedule).  Payouts are initiated on Wednesday night to be deposited on Thursday morning.  Orders received 48 hours prior to when the payout is initiated are deposited on Thursday morning.  Typically this translates to payments received by late Monday are initiated on Wednesday and deposited on Thursday.

SALES TAX MASTER SETTINGS – optional setting

If you have sales tax in your state, you can collect and track sales tax on individual items and on orders. In the Sales tax master settings tab, you can input your sales tax rate for different good tax categories and enable it to apply to retail and/or POS sales.

  • When a customer checks out in your online store, sales tax will automatically be itemized and applied. Individual vendors can keep track of sales tax data in their “Sales Tax Report”.
  • Please note, tax rates can be updated for each Pick Up or Delivery Location. Tax rates maybe different for different locations – consult with you state and local tax authority in order to get the latest tax rates for each tax category in your jurisdiction.
  • If you plan to charge sales tax, each of your vendors will need to enable sales tax within their accounts, and then categorize their goods according to the Good Tax Category below.
  • If your vendor does not enable sales tax within their account, the sales tax rate for their products will default to the Rate set below for the Default Tax Category.
  • Sales tax will be removed from EBT/SNAP orders per federal mandate.


This is an optional setting where you can set a location master schedule that can be applied to each pick up or delivery location.

My Locations - Setting up your pick up and delivery locations


This is where you will identify your pick up locations or your delivery services.  You will also set your schedule – days of the week and hours for pick up or delivery, and set order cut off dates and lead times. You need to set at least one location on your account before your market can be active.

  • Log into your account, select Market manager>My Account>My Locations
  • Set up a Pick Up Location: To set up a new pick up location, select Add New Location.
  • Complete the information including name, address, contact information.  Identity the location as a Pick Up location.  Set the schedule for the location, including order cut off dates and required order lead times.  Save.
  • Cut off: orders for the week need to be received by the specified date and time.  When an order is placed during the week after the order cut off, the first available time a buyer can specify for pick up or delivery is the following week.
  • Lead time:  provides a time buffer in between when the order is placed and when the buyer can schedule a pick up.   If an order is placed after hours, the schedule for the relevant day will be factored into the available pick up time.  For example, if a location has a start time of 9am, and the buyer places an order on the same day at 7 am, the earliest the order can be scheduled for pick up is 12 pm, assuming a 3 hour lead time.

Set up a Delivery Location

If you offer your own delivery through the market, or use a third party delivery service, first send us a quick e-mail at, and we will set up your delivery account, or your delivery partner’s account.

  • Once the delivery account is set up, go to My Locations and select “Add New Location”.
  • Complete the information including name, address, contact information.  Once you identity the location as a Delivery location, you will see a Delivery Services map showing the delivery services in your area.  Select your own pin or your delivery partner’s pin.  The color of the pin will change from red to purple indicating the selected delivery service is connected to your account.  Set the delivery schedule including order cut off dates and lead times.  Save.

Click to see a video for setting up your marketplace locations

My Sellers - Inviting and managing sellers in your marketplace


This is where you will invite individual sellers/vendors to join your online marketplace. These vendors need to have already created a Seller account with Food4All. *Food4All support will help onboard vendors when you initiate a new market*

  • From the Market manager Dashboard, select My Sellers.
  • To add a new seller: click “Connect Seller” at the top right. This will take you to a list of sellers in your area based on a zip code search. Find the sellers that you are expecting to invite to your market and click “Invite”. This will prompt an invitation to the seller to log into their account and accept. **They need to already have an active seller account with products uploaded, their online store enabled, and their bank account connected in order to show up on this invite list.
  • To invite a new seller to the Food4All platform: select “Invite New Seller” at the top right.  Enter in the seller’s email address.  Once the invite is sent, the seller will receive an email asking them to create a Food4All account.  Once the account is created, use this page to link their account to your marketplace.
  • To manage current sellers: In the My Sellers section, you will see a list of sellers that you have included in your market. This is where you can manage the terms for individual sellers, activate/deactivate them in the marketplace, categorize them, see sales volume numbers, view their current status and see if they have products available.
  • Manage seller products and inventory: If you have market terms that allow the market manager to edit individual seller products and inventory, you can click on the seller name and it will take you into the My Goods section of their account. From here, you can add products, deactivate products, price products and manage inventory with the “Qty on Hand” tab. *Please use this function carefully*

Click to see a video on managing your sellers (vendors) in your marketplace

My Orders - Viewing and managing orders and reports


This is where you will be able to manage, view and download order information from the marketplace. Each order will show up in the market manager account AND the individual seller account pertaining to that order. This is also where you can initiate refunds for orders paid via credit card.

  • From the Market manager Dashboard, select My Orders > Order List
  • Refunds: In your order list, click on the order you wish to refund and select “Initiate Refund”.  Select all or some of the items for refund.  If desired, enter a reason which will display on Credit Card Payments Received Report.  Refunded line items are removed from Fulfillment Reports.  Sales and Monthly Receipt reports are also updated with refund data.
    • Refunds are immediately processed via Stripe, and typically take up to 5 business days to reflect on a customer’s statement.  Refunds are processed free of charge.  Included in the customer’s refund is a pro-rated Community Supported Software fee.
  • Trim orders: An UNPAID order can be opened and trimmed as many times as necessary prior to it being marked as PAID.  As the order is trimmed, inventory and order total are adjusted.  And the buyer is notified via email of the items that have been cancelled from their order. Any item that is trimmed from the order is marked as “Cancelled” and removed from all reports. This feature goes hand in hand with the Vendor Payout Report, ensuring that the report is accurate.
  • Order Report: View your orders with the most recent orders placed first.  Drill down to view orders details by clicking on the order.  View specific order information by selecting each line item of the order. You can download this report into a CSV file if needed.
  • Sales Report: View details of who bought what, where and when. Answer questions such as:
    • What is my most popular pick up location?
    • When are the most CSA’s ordered?
    • How much of an item did I sell by $ and volume? and through which channel?
  • Delivery Report: If you offer delivery services, this delivery report will provide you with your customers’ delivery information for orders marked for delivery.
  • Customer Order Sheets: Generate a PDF document that lists each line item in a customer’s order and can be printed with and without $ values.  One sheet per customer which allows an easy way to pack, label and check-off orders for each customer.
  • Monthly receipts: Summary of gross and net receipts by order source. Answer questions such as:
    • What were my gross sales at the market in July?
    • What were my net receipts for online June orders?
  • Credit Card Payments Received: This report will show you the payments deposited into your bank account for each of your orders paid by credit card.

Click to see a video on managing your orders for your marketplace

My Customers


This is where you can easily view customers’ information and sales information for those customers for your marketplace.  Here you can see your best customers.  You can also download customers emails into a CSV file and then upload into an email marketing platform such as MailChimp.

Buyer Paid Fees, Credit Card Fees, Payment Schedule

Buyer Paid Fees and Credit Card Fees and Payment Schedule

  • Cash and check transactions: do not incur any fees to you as the market manager or to your vendors.
  • Credit card payments: For payments made by credit card, vendors within your marketplace incur a credit card fee of 2.9% + a 0.5% bank account deposit fee. Proceeds are deposited weekly into your vendor’s bank account.  Buyers pay a 30 cent credit card flat fee.
  • Online Orders:  Buyer fees:   2.5% + 95 cents is added to each order.  We cap the fee at $9.95.  This fee is added to the marketplace order and paid by the buyer.

Read more about our pricing here.

Payment Schedule:  If your marketplace is set up to charge a fee, marketplace fee proceeds are deposited weekly into the marketplace bank account.  Payments are also made into your vendor’s bank account on a weekly basis.  Orders received by Tuesday at 11.59 pm Universal Standard Time (UTC is 4 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time), are deposited into your bank account on Thursday morning.