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Amanda and Joe Jones have spent the last 15 years bringing a family farm back to life. Since taking the reins of Joe’s grandfather’s farm in 2007, the Jones’s have dedicated themselves to producing healthy whole foods that are raised responsibly and humanely. They specialize in pasture-raised heritage meats.


It took a few years of hard work for Amanda and Joe to find their niche raising heritage meats and poultry. After landing on their chosen specialty, they felt the final piece of the puzzle was to connect with the community by opening the farm for guided tours and visitors. Building community connection is something Amanda Jones feels strongly about. “Transparency and education are essential for building trust with our local food system,” she says.

Facilitating easy access to their farm’s bounty for both retail and wholesale customers is also a high priority. Doko Farm meats can be purchased via multiple channels including the Doko Farm Stand, Blythewood  Farmers Market, Hollywood-Rose Hill CSA, and Doko Farm “Meat-ups.” They also serve local farms through livestock sales of their heritage breeds and providing mentorship to new farmers just starting out. Restaurants seeking high quality lamb, pork and poultry also know they can rely on Doko Farm to meet their needs.

The Solution

Food4All allows the Jones’ to focus on what they do best — raising the highest quality heritage meats, stewarding the land and their livestock, and enriching the community by opening access into their farm and way of life.

“It’s (Food4All) absolutely worth it for the time saved emailing back and forth with customers and sending out Square invoices to collect payment (and follow up on invoices if payment is not submitted).  I have been very happy with the platform ” says Amanda.

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