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The Willamette Valley is one of the most agriculturally diverse regions in the nation. The area is home to small farms, CSAs, wineries, family ranches and specialty crops. Those seeking fresh local foods in the Eugene area or greater Lane and Linn County region are in luck. It’s estimated that more than 150 unique crops are grown in the region. There are literally dozens of farmers markets and coops sprinkled across this region that stretches from the McKenzie River Valley to the Oregon Coast. 

The Food4All Platform makes it easy to discover growers and producers in your backyard. It also allows you to connect with local farms through farmers markets and coops that deliver fresh and sustainably sourced food to your table. 

Thanks to Food4All connecting consumers with locally sourced food has never been easier. If you’re living in Lincoln City and wanting apples from the Willamette Valley, we can help. Likewise, if you’re living in Salem and wanting fresh Dungeness crab, Food4All’s platform makes it easy! 

Food4All makes it easy to source food where it’s grown. That means reducing waste from the industrial food system and putting more profits into the hands of producers. 

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