Free range cattle on the Mt Shasta Wild

Mt. Shasta Wild

Jessica Oddo’s family has been raising livestock in the beautiful foothills of California’s Siskiyou County since the late 1880s. Today, Mt. Shasta Wild is a seventh-generation, family-run business that continues to produce range-to-table grass-fed beef.

Jessica’s herd is allowed to forage thousands of acres of diverse plant species, not just a mixture of pasture grasses. As soon as the snow melts, the cattle migrate to the base of Mt. Shasta for the summer and then naturally migrate back to the historic homestead for the winter. With an average of just one cow/calf per 180 acres, Mt. Shasta Wild is a low-carbon footprint, environmentally friendly ranching operation supporting wildlife diversity and regenerative practices. It is the first beef producer to be certified by the California Wolf Center.

Jessica is a strong believer in relationship marketing and strives to get to know each of her customers. “We want our customers to become familiar with us and learn about our cattle raising practices,” she says. “We’re always interested in finding new ways for them to experience firsthand he quality of our cattle, how and where are they are raised and sustainably managed.”