Brown chicken in the foreground with a group of other brown chickens behind it on green grass

Doko Farm

Amanda and Joe Jones have spent the last 15 years bringing a family farm in Blythewood, South Carolina back to life. Since taking the reins of Joe’s grandfather’s farm in 2007, the Jones’s have dedicated themselves to producing healthy whole foods that are raised responsibly and humanely. They specialize in pasture-raised heritage meats including Guinea Hogs, St. Croix Sheep, Buckeye Chickens, and Narragansett Turkeys.

In addition to raising the highest quality heritage meats, Joe and Amanda are passionate about engaging with the local community. The Jones’s take great pride in hosting visitors, tours, and community events throughout the year. “When researching our farm’s history, we came across multiple meanings for the name Doko, the original name of the train station that later became the town of Blythewood. One meaning that especially resonated with us was “gathering place,” says Amanda. “We hope that Doko Farm will become a gathering place for our family, friends and community. We invite you to spend part of your day with us. It seems that there is always something going on at Doko Farm!”