How Food4All is helping Farmers Markets during COVID-19

Around the country farmers markets are closing or significantly cutting back operations due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Reduced farmers market operations directly impact farms and small craft food producers by cutting off an important selling channel.  Also impacted are a large number of consumers who rely on their farmers market to buy fresh food directly from local producers.

Food4All is responding to the need of these farmers market vendors, farmers market managers and consumers by helping farmers market vendors quickly set up online stores.  We are also lowering our fees to enable consumers to buy from multiple vendors online just as they would at a physical farmers market.

Below we’ve outline the specific steps we are taking to help bring online these local connections.  Our goal is to enable small businesses to continue to operate and for consumers to easily access  local fresh food.

If you participate in a farmers market or are a farmers market manager, Food4All can help you reach your buying audience in these uncertain time.  Specifically, we are:

Providing a directory page where buyers can see all of the farmers market vendors in a given zip code.

  • If your farmers market has it’s own web page, we can link the directory page to your website.
  • We can also enable a Shop Now button next to each vendor listed on your website.

Enabling farmers market vendors to quickly and easily set up a shopping page with coordinated logistics.

  • Similar to going to each vendor’s stall, shoppers can shop each vendor’s online store and then pick up or have goods delivered in a coordinated fashion.

Eliminating the 95 cent base fee for online orders to encourage buyers to buy from multiple farmers market vendors.  That fee will remain lifted until market operations are back to normal. 

  • Buyers will still pay a small 2.5% transaction fee.  This fee is capped at $9.95.

Adding EBT/SNAP onsite as a form of payment

  • We recognize that you want to meet the needs of all of your customers.  We are adding EBT/SNAP onsite as a form of payment so that an order can be placed online and then paid for through EBT/SNAP as would occur in your normal farmers market operations.

Food4All  gives farmers market vendors the ability to quickly and easily set up an online shopping page and start taking orders immediately.  Sellers can set up an account in the morning and  be selling in the afternoon.