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Hood River’s reputation as a fruit-producing Mecca extends well beyond Oregon. The area’s orchards are world-renowned and for a good reason. The Hood River valley’s fertile soil and moderate climate make it an ideal zone for growing apples, pears, and berries. But if you’re only imagining fruit when you think about the farming communities of the Columbia River Gorge, you’d be missing out on much of the region’s bounty. Whether you’re living in the Dalles, Hood River, Mosier, or somewhere in between, you’ve got access to dozens of small independent farms that produce fresh fruits, vegetables and sustainably grown meats. 

At Food4All, we connect small, independent growers, family ranchers and niche producers with local consumers. Our network of small farmers makes its harvest available through CSAs, local farmer’s markets, and coops. The Food4All Platform makes it easy to discover growers and producers in the Columbia Gorge area. It also allows you to connect with farms and ranches that deliver to farmers’ markets and coops in places like the Dalles, Mosier and Hood River.

No matter where you are, the Food4All platform allows you to access food where and when it’s grown. Cutting out the middle man means cutting down on waste from the industrial food system and putting more dollars back into the hands of producers. That’s good business for your community.

Thanks to Food4All it’s never been easier to connect with local growers and producers in the Columbia Gorge.

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