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Anthony Bourdain Takes on Food Waste in America

by Kami Semick View the trailer to Anthony Bourdain’s “Wasted!  The Story of Food Waste” If you’ve watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s travel and food related shows, one thing you know is viewers always get his honest, typically unfiltered, opinion.  And not just about the food. Given his honest approach to subject matter, I’m anxiously awaiting the full release of Bourdain’s new… Read more →

Pigs, Pints and Pinot

  Join us for a fun evening of local food, drink and music.  An experience guaranteed to delight, featuring small plates created by Chef Jenna Mazour of the Terrebonne Depot. September 10th, 2017 Terrebonne Depot, Terrebonne 4 pm Local pork by J&M Ranch, produce by Rainshadow Organics and Juniper Jungle. Craft beer and cider including Silver Moon Brewing, Three Creeks… Read more →

When wolves and ranchers collide

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced today they will kill two wolves in a pack that frequents Wallowa Country.  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is acting on a formal request submitted by a rancher in Wallowa County as a reaction to a calf recently killed by a wolf. Wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, even eagles, are all… Read more →

Is local food’s future tied to knife and cutting board sales?

By Kami Semick Recently in the local news, I read about a plea for funding from a pillar of local food in my community, Central Oregon Locavore. Central Oregon Locavore, fondly known locally as just Locavore, is a non for profit organization with a brick and mortar retail store for farmers and ranchers to sell their food on consignment. Locavore… Read more →

Ode to the Radish

by Tyson Pardue It’s easy to take vegetables for granted, especially root vegetables. One vegetable that my family and I have been eating a lot more lately is the radish. My favorite lunch spot serves their tacos with a generous helping of shredded radishes on them.  And we regularly now consume a bottle of extra hot horse radish sauce every other… Read more →

Food4All in the Cascade Business News

Thank you Cascade Business News, for the article: Food4All Disrupts and Advances Local Food Movement  BY CBN ON MAY 30, 2017 Food4All, a tech startup based in Bend, is reshaping the way small farmers are selling to local consumers, and leading the way for communities around the U.S. to become more sustainable. After a full year of software development, Food4All… Read more →

Revolutions start from the bottom

Industrialized food knows how to produce fast, cheap calories. But is faster cheaper really better when it comes to food?  How do we help save our environment but still provide food for our community? Our food choices are deeply connected to climate change.  Unbroken Ground, a compelling film from Patagonia Provisions peels back the layers of our food system, and… Read more →


Food4All attended OSU’s small farm conference last Saturday in Corvallis.   Thank you for the warm and wonderful response to Food4All’s local food app!  Many new farms, ranches and artisans across Oregon signed up to start selling with Food4All.  We are looking forward to working with you all! If you missed the event, you can cruise through our brief slide show… Read more →

Questions Farmers, Ranchers and Artisan Food Producers Frequently Ask

With the recent launch of Food4All’s local food app, we are receiving a lot of interest from potential local food sellers. Thank you!  We’ve put together a few answers to questions that are frequently asked.  If you still have a question but don’t see an answer, please drop us a note. Q. What opportunities do I have to market my… Read more →