Turning abundance into sales

The season of abundance is upon us! 

Your farm stand, farmers market booth and/or CSA boxes are likely overflowing with an amazing harvest.

Turn abundance into high volume sales by using a simple e-mail campaign to sell bulk quantities into your existing customer base.  Current and past customers already know who you are and the high quality of your product.

Your goal with this targeted e-mail campaign is to give customers the opportunity to buy in bulk now resulting in driving revenue through a low cost sales channel.

Here’s how:

  1. Professionalize your e-mails by setting up a free MailChimp or Constant Contact e-mail marketing account.  Reach more than just a handful of folks by using a professional e-mailing tool – free for low volume accounts.  Your e-mails will look great and you can track how many people open your e-mail.

    Personal e-mail account (think gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) will block sends to large groups because automatic spam prevention detectors kick in for large e-mail lists.

  2. Send an e-mail to your existing customer base and include a link to purchase your abundant product.The power of e-mail marketing is the ability to marry content with action.  Good e-mail marketing will have a call to action – which might be “place your order now” or “visit us at our farm stand.”

    Learn how to embed a shopping page link in your e-newsletter so readers can place an order.  Add further value by including relevant tips and recipes which may spur then into action.

  3. Offer your abundant product for purchase in bulk quantities.  Have a bumper harvest of tomatoes? Instead of offering tomatoes by the pound, offer tomatoes by the ½ flat or flat.  Large volumes not only attract customers that are interested in processing and/or canning for the winter, but will make the transaction worth your while.  High volume transactions will offset any extra effort to put together these orders.

We wish you well in this abundant time!

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