3 ideas to help small farms sell their harvest

With the focus of your time going to harvest and sales, here are 3 ideas to help efficiently and successfully sell what you harvest.

Have a presence online.

Most people have a smart phone seemingly attached to their body.  Research shows food producers who have an online presence are more likely to grow their business.  Not only do potential customer expect you to be online, being online will lend legitimacy to your business.  Read the best ways for small food producers to be “found” online.

Use social media and e-mail marketing to create a connection with your community.

Social media enables you to curate a connection with your local community.  Both written content and images can help convey a sense of your business and values to your local community.  To take the hassle out of frequent posts, use social media scheduling tools.  Create a free account and line up to a months worth of content on your social media accounts.

E-mail marketing is one of the most effective tools for creating a connection to your buying community while increasing sales.  Use a online e-mail marketing tool to expedite creating and sending an e-mail.  These tools will allow you to select a template, add verbiage and images, and then send to your customer list. In the heart of harvest, use e-mail marketing to communicate your product availability and include a link to your shopping page.

Read recommendations for social media and e-mail marketing tools specific to small food producers.

Increase sales by accepting orders online.

Whether it’s through your Facebook page, your website or an e-mail newsletter, make it easy for customers to buy from you by taking orders online.

Learn more about consumer online buying habits while discovering practical steps you can take to build an online presence.