Marketing Resources for Small Farms

Small Farm Marketing Resources

Join Food4All and other local food providers as we explore topics relevant to small food producers.  View our webinars or read our articles aimed at helping you grow your local food business.

Marketing Fundamentals for Small Farms

Marketing Fundamental for Small Farms.  This 30 minute webinar will go over the basics of marketing as it relates to small farms.  We’ll discuss developing your story, pricing strategies, distribution options and promotion.

Online Marketing for Small Farms

mobile app selling food online

Online Marketing for Small Farms.  Did you know small businesses that engage in online marketing are 280% more likely to grow their business than those who do not?  This 30 minute webinar will focus on the most effective online marketing techniques for small to medium sized producers.

Take a Tour of Food4All

3 Ways Farmers are using Food4All.  This 3 minute video shows farmers using Food4All to sell through their website, social media and in-person via mobile point of sale.

CSA Trends and Tips

CSA Trends and Tips.  Learn about trends in the CSA marketplace, including payment terms, pricing and best practices for increasing your profit margin.  Discover who buys CSA’s, why they buy and how to attract and retain customers.