Ready for planting? Consider these 2020 food trends first.

Fermented Food: One of the top 5 trends for 2020

As the planning season gets underway, you might want to take into consideration these food trends for the 2020 season.  Whether you are selling direct online, at a farmers market and/or through CSA’s, these offerings are certain to delight your customers.

1. Ube

This purple yam originally from the Philippians is named as one of the top food trends for 2020 (Eater). Similar in nutritional profile as a sweet potato, this visually appealing (especially on Instagram)  tuber has caught the eye of foodies.  Although right now it’s a popular as a dessert flavor, we predict this colorful vegetable will make the leap onto the plate without the sugar accompaniment.

2. Cauliflower

If you are in a cool, sunny climate, cauliflower might be a strong consideration as a fall crop. The cauliflower craze seems to have started with cauliflower pizza crusts half a decade ago.  And now this brassica continues to gain steam, so to speak.  Its mild flavor is easy to use as a stand in for pasta, white rice and flour.  Touted as a healthy, cancer fighting low carb vegetable, this addition to any plate will be popular with local consumers and local wholesale buyers alike.

3. Fermented Food

Still have some cabbage in the cellar? Maybe beets?  Carrots?  Really, any vegetable can be fermented.  With an uptick in the popularity of fermented foods, maybe it’s time you starting processing and selling your own as a value added product.  A double bonus for embarking on value added products – you might be able to utilize excess produce while realizing a higher profit margin.

4. Brussels Sprouts

This member of the cabbage family has some staying power on restaurant menus and in home recipes. Brussels sprouts have been trending for the most of the last decade.  Its popularity might be due to the fact the sprout is touted by some as “the world’s healthiest food.”  High fiber, cholesterol lowering, cancer fighting, we’ll take ours with bacon.   Fun fact: Linus Urbanec from Sweden holds the current world record for the most Brussels sprouts eaten in one minute. He swallowed 31 on November 26, 2008 (Guinness Book of World Records).

5. Vegan CSA’s

Veganism is really big right now.  Targeting vegans in your marketing, especially right after the turn of the decade, might be a fruitful strategy.  You might be thinking, don’t vegans just each vegetables?  Well, yes and more. Consider offering a full diet CSA for vegans, rich in legumes, beans, nuts, seeds and grains if you have them.  If you don’t grow a full diet offering, consider partnering with another local producer to complete your Vegan CSA.  Appealing directly to those newly embarking on a vegan journey might be a way to bring in incremental CSA customers.


Good luck in the coming year!