Introducing Refunds

Easily process full and partial credit card refunds through Food4All.  Key features:

  • Refunds immediately processed through Stripe.  Note, refund may take up to 5 days to show up on a customer’s credit card statement.
  • Customer receive immediate refund confirmation via e-mail.
  • Credit card fees refunded to you as the seller.  Food4All fees refunded to the buyer.
  • Items refunded are removed from your Fulfillment Report
  • Sales, Monthly Receipts and Payments Received Reports reflect refund transactions.

Watch a 60 second video demonstrating how to initiate a refund.

And if you missed it…a new Customized Shopping Page design!  We’ve received great feedback about this modern, reactive design.  Learn more

Local food specific features include:

  • Customized pick up or delivery options
  • Option to accept check payment in addition to credit card