4 steps to increasing your small farm’s bottom line

Squeeze the most out of your small farm output while increasing the bottom line.  These 4 steps will help your small farm increase profitability enabling you to stay in business for the long run.

1 – Fill holes in your customers’ grocery list if you offer a CSA.

Give your CSA customers an easy way to add items onto their base CSA, such as eggs, dairy, meat and value added items.  Customers who are able to source a majority of their food from you will leads to increased retention rates while adding to your bottom line. Read more tips and trends in CSA’s.  Learn how other farms are meeting the needs of their customers while increasing farm profitability.

2 – Make it easy for your customers to find and buy from you online.

Buying online has become mainstream, with over 70% of adults between the ages of 16 and 64 making at least one online purchase each month.  A recent report found that 23% of American households are buying food online today.  And a whopping 72% of shoppers surveyed expect to buy groceries online in the future. Learn more about consumer online buying habits while discovering practical steps you can take to build an online presence. 

Not only is an online presence convenient to your customers, an informative website can answer questions a buyer may have during the buying process.  Addressing questions upfront with your website can reduce the number of e-mail or phone call follow ups, making your farm more efficient leading to increased profitability.

3 – Use time saving technologies to market and sell.

Save precious time by automating basic marketing tasks such as posting to social media and creating an email newsletter. We’ve outlined the best time saving marketing tools for small farms to help keep you out of the office and in the field.

Additionally, online sales technology is also enabling farms to grow faster and become more efficient. As evidence, a recent survey concluded that CSAs using ecommerce were larger and growing at a faster rate.  Technologies, such as Food4All, enable customers to easily sign up and pay online. Additionally, farms benefit by becoming more efficient in receiving orders, managing customer as well as communicating with customers. Increased efficiency will add to farm profitability.

4 – Get marketing!

Marketing doesn’t need to be hard. But you will have to set aside some time to think through the different marketing elements.  Some tasks you will only need to do once such as create a logo.  Other components will require regular maintenance such as pricing and building demand through promotion.  Read more about marketing steps to generate sales for your small farm or food business.