Free Shopping Cart

Sell online with our free shopping page

Relax. Save money. Receive orders through your website and Facebook.

Free Shopping Page For Your Website

Don’t miss another order because your customer lost your form, ran out of printer ink, or forgot to send you a check. And don’t pay extra for an online shopping cart for your farm website.

Add a “Shop Now” button to your website and/or Facebook page. Link your free shopping page so visitors can buy immediately. No subscriptions or monthly payments required.  Orders paid by credit card incur Stripe’s credit card fees. Orders paid by check or cash incur no fees.

Here’s How

Open your Food4All account. We will validate your account. Add your products and set your prices.

Set up your drop and delivery locations and schedule.  These locations and schedules are displayed during the buying process.

Start taking orders immediately.  Cut and paste the custom shopping page secure link from your Food4All account into your website. Link your shopping page to Facebook – we can show you how.  Embed the link in your e-newsletters.

Email confirmation provide you with the order details and buyers with a receipt.  All of your orders are view able in your account. The Order Fulfillment Report gives the details of each order, making it easy to know what to pick, for whom at which drop or delivery locations.  Sales and accounting reports provide you with the information needed to run your farm like a business.

Credit card payments are deposited weekly into your bank account.

Sell Your CSA Online and through a mobile point of sale

Food4All is like a free shopping cart for your farm website. And it’s designed to handle intricacy of your CSA.

Our free CSA software is built in making it easy to design your CSA schedule and pricing.  Easily establish pick up and delivery locations and schedules giving shoppers the information they need to make a buying decision. Customers experience a smooth pick up because the Order Fulfillment Report gives you all of the information you need to fill your boxes and prepare for pick up or delivery.

Take the headache out of managing CSA!

Sign up CSA customers at the farmers market!  The integrated mobile point of sale allows you to add customers on the spot, process their payment, track and fulfill their order.

Know What You Sold

We provide you the information needed to manage your farm like a business.

Sales and Monthly Receipts Reports provide insights into best selling products, customers and channels.

Answer questions such as “How much did I sell at market in July?”  “What are my best selling products, and at which price points?” “How much did I sell online versus at market?”