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Food4All Disrupts and Advances Local Food Movement 


Food4All, a tech startup based in Bend, is reshaping the way small farmers are selling to local consumers, and leading the way for communities around the U.S. to become more sustainable. After a full year of software development, Food4All has launched tools, technology and an online marketplace giving farmers, ranchers and food artisans everything they need to sell direct to their community. Shoppers can use the geolocation feature to discover who and where the food growers are in proximity to their location, make a purchase online and arrange for delivery.

It’s the only technology platform in the country that gives small food producers the tools they need to sell both online and in person, while giving local buyers who have a passion for locally produced food, the ability to find and buy direct from the producer. The team at Food4All is confident that this new technology will be the catalyst that expands local food communities. A few dozen food producers in Oregon are already seeing success, and Food4All is preparing for a busy summer season.

Sarah Lee Lawrence, owner of Rainshadow Organics, was the first farmer recruited to use Food4All in her own business. Lawrence’s family has farmed for over 25 years outside of Terrebonne, Oregon and offers seasonal Community Supported Agriculture boxes (CSAs) and grass-fed meat shares. “Food4All has really helped grow my farm business”, says Lawrence. “Their technology makes it easy to sell either online and in person. They have a great vision for local food access and the system will be integral in helping connect small farmers, consumers and businesses around the nation.”

To solve the farmer’s need for both simple-to-use technology and online presence, Food4All has created a platform that allows a food producer to easily sell from their own website, through an integrated mobile point of sale, the seller’s social media and through Food4All’s online marketplace.

The Food4All platform is free to food producers, where they simply take pictures of their products, upload them from their phones, and start selling to their customers immediately. Buyers pay a small transaction fee when they place an order. And the Food4All team is available to support sellers as they adopt the system.

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