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A quick and easy online solution for food hubs, market managers, farmers and buyers.


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“It’s been an amazing experience working with Food4All. I had worked with two other software companies, one was a non-starter, nothing happened. The other took weeks or months to get even a small change.  With Food4All it’s been a breath of fresh air, they’re so responsive. Same day, sometimes same hour, responses. Food4All gets an A++ for service,” — Lorrie Dahlen, Marshfield Farmers Market Manager

Our Market Management Software Helps Farmers Markets and Food Hubs Sell Food Online


A thriving local food marketplace connects consumers and local food buyers with a wide diversity of regional farms and farm-grown products as well as local food artisans, bakers, chefs and fiber producers.

But while local farmers markets and brick and mortar food cooperative stores have been the traditional place for local food buyers to find regional food, more and more consumers and wholesale food buyers are turning to online, virtual marketplaces.

Why online makes sense for local food markets


  • 96% of survey respondents said they feel locally-grown and produced food is the freshest, healthiest and most nutritious food available — Today Forager
  • 31% percent of Americans in 2020 used an online grocery app monthly to order their household food – Grocery Dive
  • Direct farm marketers saw a sales increase over 30% to 50% in 2020 over 2019 – Michigan State University

How do farmers and food artisans create a functional online marketplace?


Regional farm and food systems need a simple, flexible and affordable way to collaborate together online.  Busy retail grocery shoppers and wholesale food buyers need an easy way to find and buy local food.

Food4All HUB solves the online marketplace dilemma for regional, virtual food markets of any size, location or type.


Food4All HUB is a subscription free, modern and easy-to-use food hub software solution that is driven by powerful geolocation tools.

Easily work with farmers, ranchers and food artisans to build regional virtual food marketplaces and reach online buyers.

We Built a Local Food Hub Software Platform to Solve the Issues of Online Farmers Marketplaces


The problem with running a virtual local food marketplace is there are many moving parts.

Multiple farmers and all their products. Various price points (retail and wholesale). Organizing the orders that are placed. Collecting money and paying it out. Finding customers.

That’s just to start.

You need a system that is easy to set up and flexible for managers to adapt to fit the needs of their marketplace. Yet it has to highlight individual farmers, ranchers and food artisans. And you can’t forget the buyers — they need to find your marketplace easily online, locate their favorite food producers or foods and place an order, hassle free.

How our Online Farmers Market Software Solves Online Ordering Dilemmas

Benefits for Marketplace and Food Hub Managers

  • Free! (Buyers Pay a Small Fee Per Order; Reasonable Setup Fee)
  • Add & Manage Sellers with Ease
  • Option to Charge a Market Fee & Cover Admin Costs
  • Sales Automatically Deposited into Market and Vendor Accounts
  • Real-time Ordering and Payment Reports
  • Easily Add & Charge Delivery Fees
  • Note Orders Payable by SNAP/EBT
  • Markets Can be Tailored to Retail and/or Wholesale Buyers
  • Works from Any Device

What Producers Appreciate

  • Free! (Buyer Pay a Small Fee Per Order)
  • Producer Stories are Featured First – Not Price
  • One Platform for a Producer to Manage Products, Inventory and Orders
  • Allows for Retail and Wholesale Prices and Unit Packs
  • Easy to Participate in Multiple Marketplaces
  • Time-Saving Order Management System
  • Buyers Find You Via Geolocation

Why Buyers Love It!

  • Easily Find Local Food Producers
  • Purchase from Multiple Producers in a Single Order
  • Shop from Anywhere and On Any Device
  • Saves Credit Card Info for Quick Ordering
  • Locate Producers by Food Type or Producer Name

What our customers are saying…

“We use Food4All for all our order processing. We update inventory levels with the iPhone app in the field and then fulfill orders with the PC interface.”

Ray Huger,
Congolina Farm

“The process to set up a Food4All account and get it linked with a bank deposit account was intuitive and quick. Adding pick up locations and new products is simple. I love how we can quickly update our listing on a desktop computer, tablet, or phone.”

Cheryl DeBerry,
Garrett Growers Cooperative

“Food4All has not only been praised by the vendors for its support, features, and use but has also enabled our market to serve a much needed group of people who otherwise were completely unable to receive their services locally, the SNAP/EBT customers.”

Lorrie Dahlen,
Marshfield Fair Farmers Market Manager

“Our farmers markets have seen continued use of pre-ordering and market pick up even after the markets have been able to open back up with pandemic restrictions.  Our customers and farmers appreciate the ease of use of the Food4All platform.”

Mountain Fresh Farmers Market Manager

Morgantown Farmers Market

Food4All HUB was funded in part with Oregon State Lottery funds administered by OBDD.  We are grateful for their support.