Buy direct from your local farmer

Buy direct from your local farmer

Make a fresh, healthy, nourishing choice.

Be a part of the local food movement

Help build out the local food network in your community by buying direct from your local farmer.

Is there a farmer, rancher or food artisan that you’d like to buy from?   Have you had an outstanding experience with their products?  We’d love to hear from you.

Recommend a farm, ranch or artisan food producer in your area that is not already in our network.  Once you’ve completed the form below, we will verify the producer and send you a recycled cotton farmers market bag, made in the USA.  Please note, we have a limited supply of bags, so recommend your favorite farmer quickly!

Connect with your hard-working neighbors

Food4All empowers you to find and buy direct from your local farmer. Buying food directly from your local producer means:

– Food travels less miles to arrive on your plate, significantly reducing the carbon footprint;

– The farmer receives money directly from you, allowing their operations to thrive;

– An independent and sustainable food system.

Buy local food, support your local farms and food artisans, and help build thriving, sustainable communities.