COVID-19 – How you can help farmers sell products online

Help a farmer get online with Food4All

COVID-19 has severely impacted farmers’ ability to sell to restaurants and other wholesale customers. And in many cases, selling at farmers markets has been severely restricted.

Here at Food4All we’ve seen an amazing response from community members interested in helping farmers get online.  In fact, we’ve met (virtually of course!) with Agriculture students on each coast answering their questions about Food4All.

If you are into all things farming, and handy with technology, consider lending a hand to your local farm and helping them get online.  Learn how to create custom online shopping pages for farmers so they can sell their product to their local community.

This webinar will introduce you to Food4All’s online ordering system, and talk about how farmers and farmers markets across the country are making the transition to selling online.

Food4All is a free online service for farmers and small food artisan producers.

Register for webinar Thursday, May 14th at 5pm PST.