About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect farmers and artisan food producers with their local community. We support long-term commitments to fresh, sustainable, locally produced food.

Our Commitments


Those involved in producing local sustainable food are wearing many hats. They need an easy and time-efficient way to sell direct to local consumers and businesses. Our commitment is to provide an easy-to-use mobile app for both sellers and buyers.


We have no hidden fees. Farmers and artisan food producers set and manage their prices. Shoppers pay a small fee so that farmers can use the technology at no cost.


We recognize that farming and food production are complex businesses. Community Supported Agriculture shares are an example. We commit to simplifying complex business processes with time-saving functionality and reports and a simple and intuitive user experience.

local farmer hugging squash in field - community supported agriculture
local farmers in field harvesting local produce for CSA

Our farming neighbors in Central Oregon.

Founders – a team of locavores

A passion for local food is what brought our founders together. The unique perspectives and talents of each founder is what sets Food4All apart. Prolific backyard gardener and technology visionary Tyson Pardue brings decades of software experience to the team. Farm-to-table chef and entrepreneur Kristin Yurdin creates networks, bringing farmers and communities together. Local food-fueled endurance athlete Kami Semick sets the pace and direction, drawing on her experience in business and technology.

Right Place, Right Time

Our passion is to make it easy for you to access and support your local food community.

From our office in Bend, Oregon, we have a unique perch from which to develop.  Farmers are our neighbors and friends. Serving our community is our priority. We strongly support the exciting local food movement.

Portions of our technology platform were supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, under award number 2020-33610-31977.