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Why Patagonia is standing behind a new agriculture certification

If someone told you that farmers might be able to sequester 100% of world carbon emissions with inexpensive farming practices, would you stand behind that movement? Well, the clothing company Patagonia, alongside the Rodale Institute and a coalition of farmers, ranchers, nonprofits, scientists, and other socially conscience brands, have done just that.  In March of this year, the Regenerative Organic… Read more →

How Sport Drinks And (gasp) Beer Might Impact Your Gut Health

by Kami Semick There is a trend of late that you may have noticed, the trend towards gluten-free and paleo diets in both the general population as well as elite athletes.  It seems like every product these days is marked with “Gluten Free” or “Paleo Friendly.”  The general population as well as many athletes of all levels have consciously chosen… Read more →

How to use a blog to grow your small farm business

You may not think you have time to blog, but here’s why you should.              As a small farm or small business, you may not highly prioritize sitting down and writing about your farm. And you may not know “what” to say.  But consider this: Customers seeking local food are interested in more than just… Read more →

Headed to the store to stock up? Think again.

by Kami Semick How America’s grocery shopping habits are adding to waistlines As Americans, we are spending less and less of our income in grocery stores buying food to prepare at home.  According the USDA, in 2016 Americans spent an average of 6.4% of their household income on food purchased for home preparation. According to the World Economic Forum, the… Read more →

Promising Trends for Local Food Producers

by Kami Semick Americans are waking up to good food. In the last few days, Nestle announced it is selling its candy business to Nutella maker Ferrero, so it can focus on more healthy food.  Last November Mars, the maker of Snickers, purchased a line of microwavable vegetarian meals.  And Hershey recently bought the maker of Skinny-Pop popcorn. Food industry… Read more →

E-Newsletters: #1 Marketing Tool for Small Farmers

by Kami Semick Online marketing techniques can make the difference between static sales and substantial growth for small to medium size businesses and farms.  Businesses that use online marketing are 280% more likely to grow their business than those not using online marketing techniques. The number one proven online marketing tool for small and large businesses alike is also one… Read more →

Land of Moussaka and Honey

by Kristin Yurdin   Three of my favorite things are climbing rocks, traveling and eating good food. On rare occasion when these things come together the world feels like a perfect place. I was fortunate to recently enjoy one of these moments. I spent the last 3 weeks on the small Greek island of Kalymnos with my husband and two… Read more →

Online Grocery Shopping – A Noteworthy Trend

It should be no surprise to read that people are spending more time on mobile devices than they were just a couple of years ago. Just a look around.  People on the streets, in restaurants, and even out on the trails, are all looking at a tiny screen.   A study by Nielson confirms people are now spending twice the time… Read more →

Anthony Bourdain Takes on Food Waste in America

by Kami Semick View the trailer to Anthony Bourdain’s “Wasted!  The Story of Food Waste” If you’ve watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s travel and food related shows, one thing you know is viewers always get his honest, typically unfiltered, opinion.  And not just about the food. Given his honest approach to subject matter, I’m anxiously awaiting the full release of Bourdain’s new… Read more →