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A Guide to Selling Your Farm Produce Wholesale

Wondering whether to try selling your farm produce wholesale? Selling wholesale is a natural progression for many small farmers as a farm business matures. Plus, the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has created new opportunities for local farmers to expand into wholesale channels. Consumers are putting the squeeze on grocery outlets, demanding healthy, locally-sourced foods. A fall 2020 survey by State… Read more →

Melony Edwards on Instagram

How to Use Instagram and Boost Your Farm’s Online Sales and Profit

Food4All interviews Pacific Northwest farmer and Instagrammer Melony Edwards, with some tips for farms learning to use Instagram Farms are naturally photogenic. Which makes Instagram — an image-driven social media platform — an obvious fit for building an audience and, ultimately, boosting your farm’s online sales. Instagram has more than one billion users a month and is the second most… Read more →

The Free, Time-Saving Digital Marketing Tool Every Farm Needs

Direct-market farmers have one common complaint when it comes to figuring out how to market their farm products on social media — finding the time to do it. Social media is well-suited for local food farmers to connect with their community and drive in-season sale. Everybody loves to know when the new strawberry crop is ready. Or the latest batch… Read more →

Make More Profit! 8 Small Farm Marketing Ideas

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to new and engaging small farm marketing ideas? You’re not alone. Running all the details of a small farm is relentless and exhausting. Coming up with the mental energy and ideas to direct market and sell the food and fiber you produced can feel overwhelming. But effective small farm marketing strategies… Read more →

Why Every Farm Should be Selling Direct Online – Now!

If you weren’t selling your farm products directly online already, the coronavirus pandemic should have sealed the deal. In today’s hectic, convenience-driven (and now health and safety-concerned world), local food farmers should be selling directly online to their customers. The good news is adding online sales to your marketing mix brings with it the potential for greatly expanding beyond your… Read more →

Food4All receives funding to build next generation Virtual Wholesale Food Hub

Company wins highly competitive grant   Bend, Oregon.  Food4All Incorporated today announced it has received $100,000 in grant funding under the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  The SBIR program is administered by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).  The grant will fund a pilot project aimed at developing technology for small… Read more →

How Food4All is helping Farmers Markets

Updated March 15, 2021:  Please learn about our single shopping cart solution for Marketplaces available in April 2021.  We’ve taken the best elements of easy set up, managing payment flows and enabling producers to easily sell through multiple channels and added a single shopping cart solution for marketplace customers. Below is our 2020 post describing our short term response to… Read more →

2020 Social Media Update

We’ve written before about the importance of social media in your farm or small batch food business’s marketing strategy.  As with all things technology, shifts are taking place in the social media landscape.  Consumer behavior is changing.  Application popularity is shifting. We thought an update was in order. Social media remains relevant in most people’s lives.  In 2019 79% of… Read more →

Ready for planting? Consider these 2020 food trends first.

As the planning season gets underway, you might want to take into consideration these food trends for the 2020 season.  Whether you are selling direct online, at a farmers market and/or through CSA’s, these offerings are certain to delight your customers. 1. Ube This purple yam originally from the Philippians is named as one of the top food trends for… Read more →