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2020 Social Media Update

We’ve written before about the importance of social media in your farm or small batch food business’s marketing strategy.  As with all things technology, shifts are taking place in the social media landscape.  Consumer behavior is changing.  Application popularity is shifting. We thought an update was in order. Social media remains relevant in most people’s lives.  In 2019 79% of… Read more →

Ready for planting? Consider these 2020 food trends first.

As the planning season gets underway, you might want to take into consideration these food trends for the 2020 season.  Whether you are selling direct online, at a farmers market and/or through CSA’s, these offerings are certain to delight your customers. 1. Ube This purple yam originally from the Philippians is named as one of the top food trends for… Read more →

Reach more customers through delivery without breaking the bank

The trend toward local food delivery is undeniable.  UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub, are a few of the businesses offering consumers the ability to order online and have meals delivered to their door.  The same is happening with groceries.  Amazon and Instacart offers same day delivery in some locations, and recently Uber announced its plan to trial grocery delivery. But no… Read more →

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3 ideas to help small farms sell their harvest

With the focus of your time going to harvest and sales, here are 3 ideas to help efficiently and successfully sell what you harvest. Have a presence online. Most people have a smart phone seemingly attached to their body.  Research shows food producers who have an online presence are more likely to grow their business.  Not only do potential customer… Read more →

4 Steps to increasing small farm profitability

4 steps to increasing your small farm’s bottom line

Squeeze the most out of your small farm output while increasing the bottom line.  These 4 steps will help your small farm increase profitability enabling you to stay in business for the long run. 1 – Fill holes in your customers’ grocery list if you offer a CSA. Give your CSA customers an easy way to add items onto their… Read more →

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Three Common Misconceptions When Starting A Small Farm

In the enthusiasm to start a farm or food business, you might rush past some stepping stones that can save you time and headache down the road.  Avoiding these common miscalculations will help pave the road to success. #1  Build it and they will come. You’ve worked really hard to plant and harvest.  You have unique varieties and can’t wait… Read more →

Online Marketing Tools Taking Small Farm Marketing To The Next Level

As a farmer you likely use time saving tools in the field or while preparing your end product.  A tractor may help you turn beds.  Harvesting tools can help to speedily cut greens.  And then there are digital tool that track and report field health.  These tool may not only save precious time, but can lead to a higher quality… Read more →

Write A Business Plan For Your Small Farm or Food Business

Writing a business plan is a fundamental yet often overlooked part of starting or expanding a farm or food business.  A well thought through business plan can help establish the foundation of your business.  It can also be used as a tool to communicate your intended business direction to possible investors and future team members. When should you write a… Read more →

How Small Farms Can Use The Internet As A Low Cost Sales Channel

by Kami Semick Selling direct to local consumers and businesses can help small farms realize a higher per unit sales price for products.  This article will cover the Internet as a low cost sales channel for small food producers. We’ll look into strategies how to sell food online, and discuss benefits and costs. Why Sell Online? Where and how food… Read more →