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Turning abundance into sales

The season of abundance is upon us!  Your farm stand, farmers market booth and/or CSA boxes are likely overflowing with an amazing harvest. Turn abundance into high volume sales by using a simple e-mail campaign to sell bulk quantities into your existing customer base.  Current and past customers already know who you are and the high quality of your product.… Read more →

Marketing Tips for a Successful “Fill Your Pantry” Event

Are you a non-profit organization looking to ignite your community around local food?  Hosting a Fill Your Pantry Event is an excellent way to engage the community, help your local food sellers clear out their stocks, and raise funds and awareness for the local food ecosystem. We’ve compiled 4 tips to help make your event a success! Start planning early.… Read more →

Introducing Refunds

Easily process full and partial credit card refunds through Food4All.  Key features: Refunds immediately processed through Stripe.  Note, refund may take up to 5 days to show up on a customer’s credit card statement. Customer receive immediate refund confirmation via e-mail. Credit card fees refunded to you as the seller.  Food4All fees refunded to the buyer. Items refunded are removed from your… Read more →

How fruits and vegetables have turned from healthy to risky

The fresh aisle of grocery stores have changed.  Where once there were whole melons, stacks of plastic clamshell containing pre-cut melons exist.  Fresh heads of romaine lettuce have been replaced by pre-chopped and bagged lettuce. Don’t want to cut up a butternut squash – no problem, just grab a container of pre-cut squash cubes. In the last couple of years,… Read more →

Introducing A New Shopping Experience

We are excited to announce a new online shopping experience for your customers! Your personalized Food4All shopping page gives you the tools you need to sell your CSA’s, individual farm items or value added products.  All with modern desktop and mobile shopping features.   Upon establishing your Food4All account, use the secure link to take shoppers directly to your personalized… Read more →

Why Patagonia is standing behind a new agriculture certification

If someone told you that farmers might be able to sequester 100% of world carbon emissions with inexpensive farming practices, would you stand behind that movement? Well, the clothing company Patagonia, alongside the Rodale Institute and a coalition of farmers, ranchers, nonprofits, scientists, and other socially conscience brands, have done just that.  In March of this year, the Regenerative Organic… Read more →

How to Use the Internet as a Low Cost Sales Channel

by Kami Semick As a small farm or food producer, deciding to market and sell direct to consumers and businesses in your community can be a strategy to gain a higher per unit price on your products. Several options exist for marketing and selling direct.  Knowing the costs and benefits associated with various direct channels can aid in making an… Read more →

How Sport Drinks And (gasp) Beer Might Impact Your Gut Health

by Kami Semick There is a trend of late that you may have noticed, the trend towards gluten-free and paleo diets in both the general population as well as elite athletes.  It seems like every product these days is marked with “Gluten Free” or “Paleo Friendly.”  The general population as well as many athletes of all levels have consciously chosen… Read more →