Anthony Bourdain Takes on Food Waste in America

by Kami Semick

View the trailer to Anthony Bourdain’s “Wasted!  The Story of Food Waste”

If you’ve watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s travel and food related shows, one thing you know is viewers always get his honest, typically unfiltered, opinion.  And not just about the food.

Given his honest approach to subject matter, I’m anxiously awaiting the full release of Bourdain’s new documentary “Wasted!: The Story of Food Waste.”  Bourdain’s time as a chef gave him the mantra of “use everything, waste nothing.”  But apparently Americans don’t share the same perspective.  According to the documentary, over 40% of the food produced goes to waste in the US. The proposition is that we don’t need to produce more food to feed the growing population, we simply “need to act different.”

In an interview this morning on NPR, Bourdain also noted the importance two concepts close to my heart:  knowing where you food comes from and using all parts of the animal or plant.  I plan on tuning in for the full documentary released October 13th both in theaters and on demand.  I hope you do too.