AgFunder News: Food4All is fighting farmers’ Covid-19 marketing burnout with technology

We were really pleased to see this August 7, 2020 AgFunder News article by Lauren Stine. The article discusses how Food4All is working to create an efficient solution for farms and food producers selling through multiple channels.

The article discusses how Covid-19, a boon for local food, has challenged farmers to efficiently reach their consumer buying audience:

Covid-19 may be wreaking havoc on the world; but when it comes to spurring a new bout of interest in local food, it has clearly been a boon. Even with the pandemic-driven increase in demand, small and mid-size farmers are still struggling to optimize production and figure out which markets are right for them. Between direct-to-consumer, farmers’ markets, food hubs, restaurants, hospitals, and other institutions, it can become overwhelming and create inventory tracking headaches.

“Right now, if a farmer is using other technology to sell through all of those channels, they have five systems to log into, they have to manage inventory independently, and they have to figure out how much product they should sell through each channel,” Kami Semick, co-founder of Food4All, tells AFN. “This farmer burnout is exactly the problem we are solving.”

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