Food4All attended OSU’s small farm conference last Saturday in Corvallis.   Thank you for the warm and wonderful response to Food4All’s local food app!  Many new farms, ranches and artisans across Oregon signed up to start selling with Food4All.  We are looking forward to working with you all!

If you missed the event, you can cruise through our brief slide show here: OSU Small Farms Conference Feb 18 2017.

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers from the conference:

Q. Can Food4All handle my CSA?

A. Yes. As a seller, you have the ability to set up your CSA’s start and end dates, locations and schedules.  During the shopping process, the buyer is then constrained to those pick-up dates, times and locations.  The Order Fulfillment Report provides you with the information you need to harvest and prepare your CSA boxes.

Q. Once I set up my products and receive an order, what happens?

A. As a seller, you will receive an e-mail order confirmation. The buyer also receives an e-mail order confirmation.  The order is tracked in your account.  The order details will be displayed on the Order Fulfillment report for packing and fulfillment.

Q. How is Food4All different from Square?

A. Food4All was developed specifically for selling food items. You can configure various types of food items specific to your business, such as:

–  CSA’s/Farm Shares;

– Food sold by the pound, flat, ounce, bunch, etc.  For example, a bunch of kale, a flat of tomatoes, or beef by pound;

– Menu or prepared food items where you would like to list ingredients, flavors, sizes, side dishes, etc. For example, offering canned tomato sauce in three varieties and sizes, or offering a roast beef sandwich from your farm kitchen.

Food4All also gives sellers the flexibility of defining wholesale and retail prices.  Food4All connects sellers wishing to sell wholesale with wholesale buyers.

Q. What is the pricing?

A. Sellers use the software for free. The community of buyers supports a seller’s use of the software by paying $0.95 + 2.9% of the order total.  We cap the fee per order at $9.95.  We call this model “community supported software.”

Q. What are the payment processing fees?

A. Credit card transactions are processed through Food4All using Stripe. Stripe deducts 3.4% from the order total.  You receive the net amount in your bank once per week.  Food4All also enables payment by check.  As a seller you may set up your account to accept check payment.  There are no fees associated with check payments.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Sign up here. We will validate your account and contact you with next steps to start selling!